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mat 023 teatro satanico - L-O\S/T


for decades Devis Granziera has been a seminal fixture ov thee Italian underground electronics avant garde. never flinching in his iconoclastic electronics esotericism. in these days where many within the death industrial milieu have settled into rigor mortis; his works seem to exceed these petty limitations and harness any nefarious weaponry; whether thee glitch or thee pitch blackened nigredo of post-industrial alchemical audio putrefactio. culled from lost VHS from over the last two decades- many ov these OST recordings have only been experienced by devotees in editions of 23 via thee PAL VHS format.. recently remastered recordings are now made available in slightly wider; yet undisclosed edition for those fiends besieged by passionate prayers ov devotion unto thee light bringer's spark of electronick illumination. cassette presented with reverence within clear VHS case with booklet containing stills ov captured cultic celluloid..