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mat 006 - RPTN / A:.S.:. [Rest In Power]

$8.00 / Sold Out

after 20 years ov making musick deep beneath thee radar ov most- Barrett Clark [Polar/RMS] bestows this behemoth c92 with thee hardest dosing ov acid cut with dog knows what stimulants; which induces deliriant ecstatic RPTN to our sensorial circuitry / falling abyss-wardly from thee dance floor to thee trance-floor- A:.S.:. [Barrett Clark & Flora Powell] invoke musick to lay in thee dark! un-balanced sleazy listening; at points akin to a pre-dawn dreamscape ov pre-1984 German electroniks; ala: Schultze/Schnitzler/Baumann-esque proto-industrial!!

these are no longer for sale. will try and find a way to make sure that remaining copies make their way into the hands of friends.